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Guidance and Truth Telling in Times of Doubt

Image by Diana Parkhouse

Change Happens With Truth

There are many options when choosing therapy and counselling and not many people are offering my approach. I encourage women to tell their story so that they can learn what's true and what's false, and then honour and shed the parts that are no longer needed. It takes willingness to own the truth and break the spell of victimhood.


I focus on liberating women from these unhelpful stories, so that they can be free to love life and be loved by life. From this humble reflection, long lasting change is possible.

I specialise in dating, relationships, marriage, sex, and spirituality. I also work with other women that have experienced sexual abuse, domestic abuse, spiritual abuse, eating disorders, low self esteem and bereavement.


Stephen Jenkinson


"In a culture like ours, so unsure of itself, so without a shared understanding of life for its peoples, there are subtle, enduring consequences that visit themselves on us as personal inadequacies, failures of will, inability or unwillingness to live deeply. But these are not struggles best understood as bad psychology, worse parenting or lousy personality development."


 Experience change in your relationships, dating, career, health and family.


Learn to lead yourself and trust who you're willing to follow.


Embrace your femininity by surrendering to nature.

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