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What You Can Expect


My name is Georgia Rose Ruskin.

 I work as a Care Assistant and Death Doula, and am currently doing an MA in Creative Writing. I am a poet, artist, dancer and RYT Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga teacher. After leaving University in 2013 with a degree in English Literature, the majority of my twenties saw me living overseas. I became immersed in esoteric and yogic teachings and whilst in Australia, I studied with a philosopher poet, a traditional herbalist and mystic. Through those teachings I became inspired by yoga and then relocated to Bali, returning to England in 2021.


Unknowingly, I was searching for home; bereft of any elders or traditions holding me in place, I was deeply untethered to anything, attempting to make sense of the world to which I was born. I was disconnected from my ancestry and my own land, running from the traumatic events of my childhood. I feel exceptionally blessed to  have had such rich life experiences whilst living in Australia and Bali, all providing me with lessons that have unmistakably shaped my life and the woman I am today. Alongside the blessings, there lies many regrets; namely, that I wish I could have instead been learning about my own people and traditions, from the land in which I was born.

In my attempt to flee, I inadvertently embraced the progressive mindset which was to shake off the shackles of tradition, gender, history, and heritage. In living the life that I did, I had this ever growing, constant yearning and longing for the simplicity of motherhood, marriage and to be led by a man that I love, respect, and admire; all things that I could never have imagined could have come to me when I left these shores. Now, in my 30s, I realise that in my attempt to be "free", I threw true femininity under the bus. I am deeply relieved to report that I have found my way, to what I believe, is home.


If you recognise the longing and the cognitive dissonance, and you want support to unravel it, then it would be my honour to work with you to explore what's true for you. As women, I think we have been sold a story that has not helped us; in fact, it has divided us and pushed us further away from our true heart's desire.

I am passionate about nature based Rites of Passage work and completed an eleven day Vision Quest and four day Vigil with Wild Rites, Soulmaking in Nature, in 2022. Here, I faced my own mortality and was initiated into womanhood. Following the vigil, my life's vocation revealed itself and I humbly submit to my role.

I now have a private practice working one-to-one with women counselling, coaching and mentoring.



Bring women into their essence.


Create a stand for femininity.


Foster grief and forgiveness.


Offer coaching around dating, relationships and marriage.


Align and connect women with their bodies.


To bring my mission into fruition, I work with women one-to-one to help them make sense of their lives, to bring clarity and develop strategies that will break the spell of victimhood, self-hatred, depression, confusion and disconnection from their womanhood. I believe the world needs women that deeply know themselves and who are connected to their bodies and feminine essence. This is so women can experience deep joy, peace and fulfilment within their relationships and family lives. My vision is a world where men and women love, respect and admire each other's differences, so that they can live in harmony with one another and bring the best out of each other.

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